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Zim Afro T10 is the inaugural season of the Zim Afro T10 also known as the Zim Cyber City Zim Afro T10 for sponsorship reasons. The matches will have a 10-over-a-side format with a time duration of 90 minutes. The tournament will be played between 20 and 29 July in Harare.

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The league was founded by Shaji Ul Mulk, the chairman of T10 League. The Zimbabwe edition was announced at the final of the 2022 Abu Dhabi T10 with the inaugural edition expected to take place in 2023.

The T10 tournament will begin on July 20 and the final of Zim Afro T10 2023 will take place on July 29. The starting time for the afternoon games will be 11:30 AM IST (3 PM local time) and 1:30 PM IST (5 PM local time) whereas the starting time for evening fixtures will be 3:30 PM IST (7 PM Local time).

ZIM Afro T10 Prediction

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ZIM Afro T10 Schedule 2023 July 20 T20 Matches

The first season of Zim Afro will be staged from July 20–29 2023 in Harare. The tournament will cover a total of 24 matches which will also include – two qualifiers, one eliminator, and a final (in a similar format as IPL). A total of five teams will play in the 2023 Zim Afro T10 league, these teams will compete in a round-robin format and then move forward to the knockout stages of the tournament

ZIM Afro T10 League Broadcast and Streaming Details

Australia Fox Sport

India:- Fancode

ZIM Afro T10 Prediction

Total: 22 Pass: 9 Accuracy: 50%

29 July Joburg vs DurbanDurbanDurban
28 JulyDurban vs JoburgDurbanPass
Cape Town vs HarareCape TownFail
27 JulyDurban vs Bulawayo BulawayoFail
Joburg vs Harare HarareFail
26 July Bulawayo vs Cape Town Cape TownFail
Durban vs Harare DurbanFail
Cape Town vs JoburgCape TownFail
25 JulyDurban vs JoburgDurbanPass
Harare vs Cape Town Cape Town Fail
Bulawayo vs JoburgBulawayoFail
24 JulyJoburg vs HarareJoburgFail
Durban vs Cape Town Cape TownPass
Bulawayo vs HarareBulawayoPass
23 JulyDurbon Qalandars vs Harare Hurricane DurbonFail
Joburg vs Cape Town Cape TownPass
Bulawayo vs DurbonBulawayoFail
22 July Harare vs Cape TownCape Town Pass
Durban vs Joburg DurbanPass
Cape Town vs Bulawayo BulawayoFail
21 JulyCape Town Samp Army vs Durban QalandarsCape TownFail
21 JulyJoburg Buffaloes vs Bulawayo Braves BulawayoFail
21 July Harare vs Bulawayo BulawayoPass

ZIM Afro T10 Cup winner

Most Match Loser: Harare Hurricane

CUP WINNER: Bulawayo Braves

Zim Afro T10 Teams, Squads

Here are the five teams which are participating in the Zim Afro T10 tournament.

  1. Bulawayo Braves
  2. Cape Town Samp Army
  3. Durban Qalandars
  4. Harare Hurricanes
  5. Johannesburg Buffaloes

Bulawayo Braves: 

  1. Bem Mcdormate
  2. Gumbie
  3. Burl
  4. Raza
  5. Turner
  6. Kia
  7. Maruma
  8. Taskin Ahmad
  9. Mujeeb Ur Rehman
  10. Faraz Khan
  11. Mills

Cape Town Samp Army: 

  1. Gurbaz
  2. Hamilton masakadza
  3. Marumami
  4. Kumahankumwe
  5. Sean Williams
  6. Rajpaksha
  7. Karim Janat
  8. Theekshna
  9. Ngrarva
  10. Zhuwao
  11. Cottrell

Durban Qalandars: 

  1. Ervin
  2. Fleture
  3. Zazai
  4. Seifert
  5. Asif Ali
  6. Cartwright
  7. Linde
  8. Magala
  9. B Evans
  10. Mdande
  11. Nick Welch

Harare Hurricanes: 

  1. Evin Lewis
  2. Robin Utthappa
  3. Morgan
  4. Chakaba
  5. Nabi
  6. Samit Patel
  7. Luke Jongwe
  8. Mavuta
  9. Mpofu
  10. Tasinga Musikewa
  11. Dahan

Johannesburg Buffaloes: 

  1. Banton
  2. Will Smeed
  3. Yusuf Pathan
  4. Bopara
  5. Madhewere
  6. Hafeez
  7. M Shumba
  8. B Muzurbani
  9. Junior Dala
  10. ODean Smith
  11. Victor Nyuchu

Zim Afro T10 2023 Icon/Marquee Players

Bulawayo Braves: Sikandar Raza (Zimbabwe), Ashton Turner (Australia), Tymal Mills (England), Ben McDermott (Australia)

Cape Town Samp Army: Bhanuka Rajapaksa (Sri Lanka), Karim Janat (Afghanistan), Rahmanullah Gurbaz (Afghanistan), Maheesh Theekshana (Sri Lanka)

Durban Qalandars: Asif Ali (Pakistan), Sisanda Magala (South Africa), George Linde (South Africa), Hazratullah Zazai (Afghanistan)

Harare Hurricanes: Eoin Morgan (England), Evin Lewis (West Indies), Shahnawaz Dahani (Pakistan), Robin Uthappa (India)

Johannesburg Buffaloes: Yusuf Pathan (India), Mushfiqur Rahman (Bangladesh), Tom Banton (England), Noor Ahmad (Afghanistan)

Zim Afro T10 2023 Schedule

The schedule comprises 20 round-robin matches followed by 2 qualifiers, 1 eliminator, and a final.

DateMatchTime (IST)
20th JulyHarare Hurricanes vs Bulawayo Braves3:30 PM
21st JulyCape Town Samp Army vs Durban Qalandars11:30 AM
21st JulyJoburg Buffaloes vs Bulawayo Braves1:30 PM
21st JulyHarare Hurricanes vs Cape Town Samp Army3:30 PM
22nd JulyDurban Qalandars vs Joburg Buffaloes11:30 AM
22nd JulyCape Town Samp Army vs Bulawayo Braves1:30 PM
22nd JulyJoburg Buffaloes vs Harare Hurricanes3:30 PM
23rd JulyDurban Qalandars vs Bulawayo Braves11:30 AM
23rd JulyJoburg Buffaloes vs Cape Town Samp Army1:30 PM
23rd JulyHarare Hurricanes vs Durban Qalandars3:30 PM
24th JulyBulawayo Braves vs Cape Town Samp Army1:30 PM
24th JulyDurban Qalandars vs Joburg Buffaloes3:30 PM
25th JulyCape Town Samp Army vs Harare Hurricanes11:30 AM
25th JulyBulawayo Braves vs Durban Qalandars1:30 PM
25th JulyHarare Hurricanes vs Joburg Buffaloes3:30 PM
26th JulyBulawayo Braves v Harare Hurricanes11:30 AM
26th JulyDurban Qalandars vs Cape Town Samp Army1:30 PM
26th JulyBulawayo Braves vs Joburg Buffaloes3:30 PM
27th JulyDurban Qalandars vs Harare Hurricanes1:30 PM
27th JulyCape Town Samp Army vs Joburg Buffaloes3:30 PM
28th JulyQualifier 111:30 AM
28th JulyEliminator1:30 PM
28th JulyQualifier 23:30 PM
29th JulyFinal1:30 PM

Zim Afro T10 2023 Country Wise Number Of Players

The T10 tournament will have a representation of 58 players from 12 countries including the host country.

Here are the number of players per country participating in the Zim Afro T10 league

  • Zimbabwe: 24
  • Australia: 5
  • Pakistan: 5
  • India: 6
  • South Africa: 4
  • England: 3
  • West Indies: 3
  • UAE: 3
  • Sri Lanka: 3
  • Afghanistan: 2
  • New Zealand: 1
  • Bangladesh: 1

List Of Indian Players in Zim Afro T10 2023

A total of six players will be representing India in the Zim Afro T10 league starting on July 20

  1. Stuart Binny (Cape Town Samp Army)
  2. Parthiv Patel (Cape Town Samp Army)
  3. Robin Uthappa (Harare Hurricanes)
  4. S Sreesanth (Harare Hurricanes)
  5. Irfan Pathan (Harare Hurricanes)
  6. Yusuf Pathan (Johannesburg Buffaloes)

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