Playerzpot Referral Code – R9FBFB66, Verification, Review, Deposit

R9FBFB66 is the Playerzpot Referral Code.
Playerzpot doesn’t charge any GST. You can also play haar jeet on Playerzpot. Playerzpot has lowest entry fees in the market.

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Playerzpot is an excellent platform for those who want to earn money by playing fantasy games like cricket, kabaddi league, and football. If you’re that person who loves to stay in touch with these sports, you can get an amazing opportunity to convert your passion into cash.

Playerzpot is one of my favorite fantasy cricket sites.

Your skills and knowledge about the game will determine whether you’re going to win or lose. On the other hand, it’s justifiable to say that the website is 100% secure and legal.

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playerzpot refer code

Is it Safe to Play on Playerzpot in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh?

When a player’s output is determined by mental and physical skills, it’s said to be a ‘game of skill.’ According to the Indian law of gambling, it’s legal to play such games.

Those who reside in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan can also play on Playerzpot. The Indian rules apply there as well.


Download Playerzpot App – Make Your Account Now!

So, you have decided to create your own Playerzpot account. We’re glad that you’re here because we have a bonus referral code for you-R9FBFB66

Here’s a difference. If you sign up through our referral link, you will get 30 INR for free. (20 INR for mobile number verification and 10 INR for email verification)

In case, if you sign up without our referral code, you won’t get anything for sure.

Anyway, here’s a step-by-step process to make your Playerzpot account.

Step 1: If you want to play on mobile, you will need to enter your mobile number to get the app. If you’re a desktop user, you may click on the sign-in button that exists in the upper right corner.  

Step 2: It doesn’t matter whether you hit the sign-in button or download the app, you will reach a page where you will have to fill in basic details like mobile number and email ID. By the way, you can also sign up directly through Facebook and Google Authorization.   

Step 3: Here’s a series that you can follow to sign up on Playerzpot.

playerzpot offers

1.      Enter your mobile number and email ID.

playerzpot how to sign up

2. Select your state and enter the referral code.

3. Create an eight-character password. Make sure that you choose a special character. For example, “124$7s.”

4. That’s it. Enter your OTP and hit the “Confirm & Get Registered button.”

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How Many Fees Does Playerzpot Charge?

Look! There are three methods of withdrawal.

a)      Paytm – If your amount is more than 1999, you will be charged 1.5% for the transaction.

b)     Bank Withdrawal – For the bank withdrawal method, you will not be required to bear any charges. For an immediate withdrawal facility, a user will be required to bear 2% charges on the withdrawn figure. every transaction.

c)      Instant Withdrawal – IMPS withdrawal is now available.  

The transaction fees of instant withdrawal will be as same as bank withdrawal fees.

Note: You will have to verify yourself to use the bank and instant withdrawal option.

What’s Playerzpot’s Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Limit?

Although Playerzpot hasn’t mentioned the minimum and maximum deposit in their terms and conditions, you will have to deposit at least 100 INR to initiate gameplay. Besides, the maximum limit isn’t mentioned anywhere at the moment.

playerzpot deposit turoial

Now, when it comes to the withdrawal limit, the minimum threshold is 150 INR, and the maximum is 5000 INR per day.

How Can You Deposit and Withdraw Money to Your Playerzpot Account?

It’s not that complex to deposit and withdraw money from the Playerzpot account. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Login and click on the three dots “more” button.

Step 2: Click on the wallet button.

Step 3: A page will appear from where you can see the deposit and withdrawal options. For now, we’re only talking about the deposit method because the withdrawal method is pretty much the same.  

Step 4: Select your payment option and hit the ‘proceed to pay’ button.

Note: There are cashback offers for new players

playerzpot tutorial

Playerzpot Account Point System

Playerzpot has its own XP point system. When a user joins a pot, the entry fee is reflected as points. At present, 10 INR equals 1 point.  Let’s suppose, you’ve joined a pot by paying 100 INR. Instead of playing with that amount, you will receive 10 points.

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How to Play Playerzpot Fantasy Games?

Some of you may already know how to play fantasy games, and some of you may not. If you fall in the latter category, then you should know that the chances of success in fantasy games come from your dedication, knowledge, and skills. You have to be good at selecting matches, teams, and real-time information.

Here’s a 3-step formula to play Playerzpot fantasy games.

playerzpot refer and earn

1.      Enter the right match           

2.      Keep track of the game you’re passionate about.          

3.      Use your real-world knowledge to choose a powerful team so that you can win.

Earn More Money on Playerzpot By Making Referrals?

The referral system of Playerzpot is the best among all fantasy sites. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity because it gives you a chance to earn for a lifetime.

Once a user creates an account using your referral code and plays a match, you get the 10% amount of it. And yes, this happens endlessly.

Anyway, it turns out as a win-win situation. In return, referred users also get additional bonuses and prizes.

playerzpot refer code

How to Verify Your Playerzpot Account? 

Even though you can withdraw money to your Paytm account without verification. But still, there will be some limitations that you can’t afford to take up once the game begins. So, it’s better to have a clear account. Here’s what you need to verify your Playerzpot account.

Step 1: Collect necessary documents like a bank passbook, driver’s license, or PAN card.

playerzpot KYC

Step 2: You can visit the KYC tab in your profile page to submit verification documents.

Step 3: Done! The verification process may take a week.

playerzpot referral code

Playerzpot Social Links

You can play SLL (Snakes and Ladders. Entry Fee 120 Rs Winning 80 Rs. 2% to 5% Bonus Allowed)

playerzpot games

and There are many other games also.

You can also play ludo pacchisi.

playerzpot games rules

You can complete weekly task and earn some money also.

playerzpot withdraw proof

Playerzpot Deposit and get Real Money cashback

Playerzpot Deposit and get Real Money cashback
Playerzpot Deposit and get Real Money cashback

Haar jeet on Playerzpot

Haar jeet on Playerzpot
Haar jeet on Playerzpot

Cashback on Winning Transfer

Cashback on Winning Transfer
Cashback on Winning Transfer

Playerzpot Opinion

Playerzpot Opinion
Playerzpot Opinion

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