5 Best Telegram Channels For MLC | Major League Cricket Telegram Updates Channel

With the growing demand for fantasy sport, people’s expectations are rising very quickly, and we as a team for our viewers always foresee the situation. Since the new leagues have been introducing themselves in the line there are very few channels/tippers who take the risk of keeping their fans updated on the new leagues, there is n number of reasons why they don’t do it, I’ll mention a few here.
The utmost reason always there, is the time zone when you covering any league you need to be active over the same time to give live updates, here time zone gets the trophy but you don’t need to worry. Since we take care of our viewers we are here to provide you 5 top Telegram Channels for MLC.

Best Cricket Telegram Channel

Nekraj Cricket Prediction Main Pages

1. Nekraj Cricket Prediction

Nekraj Cricket Prediction Telegram Channel

Nekraj station has practically 46.8 K subscribers on Telegram. If you need to play a holds-barred challenge, this channel is most appropriate for you at that point. The channel gives all the most recent news, and updates on cricket Nekraj channel has everything you need in your bag, and whatever he gives he doesn’t even charge a single penny for that.

Since his little alliance forecasts are constantly slammed against. Master Free Tips – Nekraj channel gives dream cricket crews to applications like Dream11, Playerzpot, and Myfab11. They also have give-away contests and prizes. You will likewise get wagering forecasts on this channel. So you can give your karma a shot the sites like Betway.

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Back-Up Channel https://telegram.me/ExpertFreeTips

2. Anurag Dwivedi

Anurag Dwivedi Telegram Channel

Being the winner of one grand league and many other leagues since then Anurag have been providing teams to the subscribers with his skills. Getting a constant reputation is highly demanded he’s getting better day by day, with the experience of 7 years. His 1,254,722 subs tell his story of success.

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3. Aakash Chopra

Aakash Chopra Telegram Channel

Cricket Analyst, Cricket Commentator, Ex-Indian Cricketer, cricket enthusiastic etc….etc… the list just keep going. Well we aren’t here to praise her we are here to give you the list so why he’s not on our top list? Because according to us he’s already popular and Akash Chopra doesn’t upload things on his own he has a team he just tells what to do and sometimes people do few changes by themselves as well. To make sure Akash doesn’t gives anything by himself he has a team plus he gives his opinions and keeping that in mind team posts everything. Currently he’s on 334+ k subs and trust me when i clicked on him it was gradually increasing and decreasing.

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4. Fantasy Raja [ Fantasy Cricket Prediction ]

Fantasy Raja [ Fantasy Cricket Prediction ] Telegram Channel

Fantasy Raja may be seeing low subscribers but they’re good in business. They delete all the previous things and they also provide paid details as well. Currently, they are on 5k subscribers.

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5. Cricket Prediction

Cricket Prediction Telegram Channel

Last but not least Cricket Prediction King is another channel and trust me we have searched thoroughly and there are very few channels that are providing the MLC updates, and they are one of them. Currently as the picture suggest they are on 86+k subscribers and doing well in the work they are providing. You will even find the proof of winning in the page.

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