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Crictrik is another cricket match and toss prediction site. He doesn’t provide dream11 team.
criktrik don’t work now. This site is offline.

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Crictric Cricket site

Criktrik is a Cricket Astrologer who gives match prediction in Advance. He says nobody can be 100% accurate but his match prediction are 90% accurate. They also provide Dream11 Team Prediction.

Who is Criktrik?

CrikTrik is an online Cricket match prediction website.. Here they update all cricket match predictions for their users.

 This is a blog for cricket match predictions(domestic and international). I put up all my experience in predicting the matches and give you the correct results. In this blog, Criktrik will share his experience and predict the match results in advance. No one can be perfect but I’ll hope to give more than 90% results. 

Criktrik Dream11 Prediction

Criktrik also provides Dream11 Prediction. You get your dream team and win unlimited.

He also provide toss and match prediction.

Crictric Cricket Predictions

They Provide a Secret Formula for Cricket Betting in the Form of E-Book

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What’s Included?

  1. Their secret to success is in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other cricket leagues as well.
  2. Each and every step is explained in a simple manner for everyone to understand easily.
  3. Already calculated predictions for this year’s IPL 56 group stage matches.

What’s Excluded?

  1. The net run rate (NRR) cannot be calculated because of which we need to wait for the knockout match fixtures to be confirmed.
  2. Knockout Stage Predictions are not included. But, our method is so simple that you can learn and use it on your own to predict the knockout stage matches.

The e-book costs

Rs. 9,999 for Our Success Formula + IPL 2020 Predictions


Rs. 7,999 for only our Success Formula

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CrikTrik Telegram Channel

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